Fields of Activity

Freixinho Advogados is specialized in the prevention and solution of penal matters that affect domestic or transnational business activity. It acts in cases relating to the financial and social security systems, consumer relations and economic and tax regulations, as well as the traditional matters of Penal Law, such as crimes relating to administration, assets, the military, and others.

The lawyers are qualified in complex juridical subjects, such as the financial system, the environment and telecommunications, which involve constantly keeping up-to-date on legal changes.

The juridical service provides preventative measures and ongoing defense in administrative proceedings (police and military inquiries; investigations by the Public Prosecutor) and in proceedings at first instance and appeal through to the Superior Courts (Superior Court of Justice, and Federal Supreme Court).

The office provides services throughout Brazil and in the countries of MERCOSUL.

Nowadays, also offers to its corporate clients the services of compliance in the criminal area. 


Imagem a Fields of Activity - Globo (América Latina)