Daniel Raizman

Daniel Raizman works in Penal Law, having qualified in the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. In the nineties, he worked in the Judiciary and in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Argentina, concluding his career in the judiciary as a Public Defender.

He possesses a master’s degree in Economic Penal Law from the Institute of European Economic Penal Law (University of Coimbra), as well as a master’s degree in Penal Sciences from Candido Mendes University, and has a doctor from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Nowadays is a Penal Law and Criminology professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense.

He has taught Penal Law, Penal Procedure and Criminology in graduation courses and master’s degrees, in several teaching institutions (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Candido Mendes University, Ibmec, National University of Law, University of Buenos Aires, among others) and has had several works published, notably his work on Brazilian Penal Law (Direito Penal Brasileiro) published by the Saraiva publishing house.